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The trekking place that must be visited in Pune in Maharashtra is a place you can choose for people who are looking for adventure experiences. This city is the most famous place for people. One reason why people choose Pune as a trekking place is an interesting sight and beautiful environment. Tourists from all over the world come to Pune for adventure trips. Pune is strong and interesting mastering elegance, harmony, spiritualism, and joy over the heart. India is proud of the modern lifestyle and traditional culture.


Maratha King Shivaji’s biggest fighters and warriors are still alive in Pune’s wind, which shows that the history of this city is only educational lessons. No one cannot ignore the waterfall that flows from a very large mountain and the location that has been mixed in the wind. The life of this beautiful place from film films to the hill reflects everything.


Young people like to go hiking in places. Mount Sahyadri in Pune is famous for its trekking and for an unforgettable fortress. How do you not choose this place to have a good natural vibration for your weekend? The green city connects people and natural beauty for these city spirits so they can witness the presence of some mystical energy. Place nearby places where people can travel to enjoy this live beauty.


  1. Rajmachi Fort Trek

The most thrilling trekking route can be a Trekking Fort Rajmanchi (2,710ft), which is 75 km from Pune. This beautiful place offers green plants, temples, waterfalls, and caves. This trip is not difficult because it only needs four to five hours, but one of the best trekking locations Pune.


  1. Lohgad Fort Prek

If you want to climb one day in Pune, this is the right choice. The trip only takes two and a half hours. With the very good environment of this city, the rainy season looks better. It’s about 70 km from Pune to this location.


  1. Visited Fort Trek

This is what people call the Lohgad fortress. This is more thrilling and full of adventure because it is higher and greater than his brother. 70 kilometers from Pune, this location is surrounded by magical assets and water troughs.


  1. Trek Andharban

Andharban must be the purpose of your next walk, in a dark forest, looking for a travel plan, between the valley and some Ghats. It sounds as if you are named with adventure. There may be many things to explore. You can be crazy about the Panorama of the mountains and Ghats and valleys. There are beautiful things that you can explore. This trekking location is ideal for you if you are a true trekking sport.


  1. Tikona Fort Trek

Tikona Fort is one of the most beautiful views of trekking in Pune and also known as the vintaged fortress. An excellent entrance is the center of attraction with magical architecture. Beautiful lake and incredible basement on the way. Although it’s not easy when you press the top, the highest level of beauty is extraordinary to be experienced.


  1. Rajgad Fort Trek

Benteng Rajgad, a height of 4,182 feet, did not lack a miracle because it was the castled king. This divine beauty is worth about forty kilometers from Pune. The starting point for the trip was a beautiful village called Guntavne. In addition, the main attraction is delicious food and kilometers.


  1. Torha Fort Prek

Pune’s biggest fortress, surrounded by fine green plants and light flowers, is one of the quietest / major trekking areas in Pune for adventurers. The fort is 60 kilometers from Pune and the vibration is strong.


  1. Duke’s nose track

This location is different from the others. The amazing view is interesting from the top of the cliff. The Temple Mahadeva, the place is farmed there, can also be visited. People like to tear and climb to do something interesting.


  1. Raigad Trek.

Raigad Trek can be named Chatrapati Shivaji, full of courage and elegance. This is the perfect location for beginners because it’s not complicated. Mountain and mountain landscapes are deadly combinations for this view.


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