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The local population is obsessed with the word “loose.” The Gaddi shepherds took some hipster jargons from travelers who had a short hiking weekend already to the northwest end of the district in Dharamshala, McLeodanj or Dharamkot. Now, when you ask a question about Karriera Lake Trek or about the weather, the shepherds go round the chicken quickly and say, “Crazy sharks, insane.”


The Karrier Lake Trek is still less well known, as is the case for the majority of short rides around Kangra. My research before the trip included reading several blogs on the web, which told us that the classic stone trail of the Himalayan Trail marked the road to the lake.


‘Tours Lake Kareri three days organized by some trekking clothes, but Karri is a DII Track (do-it-it-yourself) if you realize the mountains and get ready for uncertain weather conditions. The following is a short travel plan and tips I took last week in Kareri to help you plan a weekend trip to Kareri.


Full Schedule for Lake Trek Karteri


Get a bus from Delhi to Dharamshala. The night bus takes you in the morning to Himachal Hill City.


Day 1


Bus or taxi to Kareri Village is available. Keep in mind that in the morning there are only two buses that leave Dharamshala for Kareri Village. The taxi walked all day from the former Dharamshala men’s service taxi and in two hours from Kareri Village.


Commodity Desa Kareri: House rest forest is available for guests who want to spend their night in Kareri Village. You will hardly have a shop here, so you have to buy everything from Ghera, Desa Karri Dharamshala.


Day 2


Start your trip to the lake to store your snacks and water for the next day’s rise. The road continues from Reoti and a beautiful view of fresh nyund on the left. The trail is a mixture of steep steep stones and green wilder forests clear along the river. Spring across the river on the other side of the river at the end of the road. Walk to the last hill above Lake Kareri.


Accommodation Lake Kareri: If you carry your own tent, you can choose the location around the lake where you can throw the temple. Wanderers usually camp near Shiv Shakti Temple because the only shop here has food and water supplies. You can also set up a tent in one of the empty Gaddi shelter near the temple, to save yourself from the hard wind at night.


Day 3

The next day you follow the same path to Kareri Village. Lake Kareri or Danau Reoti is the best place for breakfast, but don’t walk to Reoti without eating heavy. This downhill walk is not to take longer than 3-4 hours, and you can take refill bottles of water and snacks at least 3 to 4 huts.


Guide and tent


Sunrise Cafe, the only hut in Kareri Village, can arrange tents for rent and local guides. If you don’t trust yourself, the guide can accompany you on a set road. You can rent a tent in the village of Kareri, well you can rent them in Reoti or you have to take them to your destination. The next day, the same tent can be taken to Kareri Village.


Tips for remembering


It’s predictable weather. Always carry your rain and running equipment, especially during the rainy season in Kareri.


Create arrangements for food and water from Ghera if you intend to stay more than a day in Karers Village.


ATMs can only be accessed in Dharamshala, and cash withdrawals on routes are not provided for.


Don’t drink water from the river. Every day, you have to drink 2 liters of water. From huts, bottles can be recharged.


You can arrange a taxi to return to Dharamshala at the Sunrise Cafe at Kareri Village. It is best to ask and set before returning the taxi before you start your tour.


The journey starts from Ghera and other routes lead you through Nolli Village. But the trail after the Nolli bridge remains the same aside from the initial detour.


Tell us all the tips and tricks for The Karteri Lake Trek if you have taken an alternative route to the lake in the comments section below.


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