How To Give The Best Birthday Surprise To Her

Birthdays are the special days that help you cherish the bond that you have with an individual and their place in your life. If I ask you, who can you share your deepest darkest secrets and regrets to? Who pops up in your mind? I am sure most of you will mention your partners. If you are someone who cherisher your partner for all that she has done for you and how she has extracted the best out of you, try making their birthday as unique as you can. A birthday celebrates an individual’s birth on this earth, and without that birth, we wouldn’t have such beautiful bonds with the people we care about.

Your girlfriend or wife is your better half, and she has been through you in all your failures and success. She will never judge you or question your decisions. She will, in turn, support and encourage you as best as she can. When she pledges to be with you, she pledges to take you in all your wealth and sickness. Make sure that such a woman is pampered and loved in all ways possible. Even if she is far away from you, you can always send flowers to Bangalore, Pune or wherever she is; just make her feel special on this day as your gift will mean the most to you.


If your wife or girlfriend loves makeovers, you can sponsor one for her or maybe take her with you if you have some time in hand out of your busy schedule. You can also take her to the spa to help her relax a bit from her hectic schedules and all the house chores. Birthday allows us to let the other individual know how much we care for them. This birthday looks for something that makes her happy from within. If you think your partner is too busy to take care of her looks, you should take charge and remind her of that.


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to birthdays? Cakes are an essential element of every birthday. Let it be that you are celebrating it amongst yourself or are making it a grand event. A birthday cake is a must. This year order a giant three-tier birthday cake for your Partner’s surprise birthday party. You can get the flavour as per the birthday girl’s preference and let it be the showstopper of the party. Everyone will appreciate the efforts you put into for your partner, including your partner herself.

Candlelight Dinner:

This might not be a gift but more of a plan. If you think that you and your partner have not been able to spend some quality time together due to both of your schedules, a candlelight dinner is what you should opt for. Candlelight dinners are not always expensive. You can arrange it in your backyard or on the roof of your home under the stars. If you think you can cook good, you can prepare the dinner yourself or order the same online depending on your time and preference. Pair this evening up with a gift of small gold earrings, and it will be the best birthday she could ever ask for.


You can buy happy birthday flowers online and send them right to your partner’s workspace to surprise her and make her feel loved. Flowers are a great gift when it comes to expressing our most profound feelings to the people we genuinely care for. They are so undervalued in today’s time that we need to realise their worth. They bring positivity and happiness to our lives daily. They are also believed to keep us stay stress-free at all times, and just the sight of a blooming flower can extract away all our sadness at once.


Most of the women out there is sucker for handbags and overall accessories. This year you can gift your wife a beautiful and elegant handbag for her birthday present. If you are a bit confused about choosing that perfect bag, you can take the help of your mom or mother in law to get a good catch.

This year on your girlfriend or partner’s birthday, send a midnight flower delivery in Bangalore or her city right at her doorsteps, and she will feel extremely loved for sure. Our partners are the ones who become our family as we progress in our lives. A woman leaves everything behind just to make your house a happy and loving home, not just for you but for every family member of yours. She deserves every happiness in the world. She sacrifices everything to be with you, and that is what makes her special. 

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